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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  November 2, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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i'm shepard smith. thanks foraving us into your place tonight. we're back tomorrow for "studio b." that's noon pacific time. 3:00 eastern time. the camera runs around the room on that one. you should come check it out. what are you doing at 3:00. seriously? >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> you just threatened to stab me in the throat with a pen. you want to stab me in the throat? >> bill: crime rising in the occupy wall street precincts and police are having a hard time catching the criminals because there is little cooperation. we have a factor investigation. >> bill: you are trying to get to the kids and say you are an idiot if you believe in god. >> nothing to do with god. i'm talking about myths from all over the world. >> bill: backlash growing against atheist who demean believers. deepak chopra will talk about the issue tonight. >> big wedding but now it's over. >> bill: dennis miller on the kardashian marriage industry. millions of dollars may have changed hands.
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>> everybody should lighten up. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. bonuses for pinheads. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. now we learn that the mortgage agencies freddie mac and fannie mae in business with the federal government paid almost $13 million in bonuses to their top executives in 2010. that's an outrage because those agencies currently owe the american taxpayer, us, all of us, $141 billion. let me repeat. fannie mae and freddie mac owe us 141 billion and dolled out 13 million in bonuses last year to their guys. this is why the federal government is out of control. fannie and freddie are not government agencies per se, they
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are private companies but they receive support from the federal government. taxpayer money in subsidies and loans. white house correspondent ed henry asked jay carney about it yesterday. >> there is a report that fanny and freddie, particularly freddie mac, their top five officers got some bonuses in 2010. these are institutions that obviously got taxpayer bailouts. >> these organizations, thee entities are independent. and, therefore, they are independent decisions. the white house is not involved and nor should it be. >> bill: wrong, with all due respect. the white house should be as outraged as talking points is congress should suspend fannie mae and freddie mac. we don't them. they are poorly run agencies. hurting america. get rid of them. if the federal government wants to social justice sphunelling americans for house doing it under the congress not flimflam outfits run by incompetent
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tents. now, where are the occupy wall street protests when it comes to fannie mae and freddie mac. why aren't they marching in d.c. against these people. 13 million in bonuses they owe us 141 billion. they owe the people that money. you won't see the occupiers do that, no. because they want the feds to give people houses. bottom line on this story? government waste continues unchecked. our taxpayer dollars being flushed away. there are so many scams, so many out-of-control situations in washington right now it's impossible to keep track of them. what a disgrace. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, crime within the occupy wall street movement. all over the country the cops have their hands full. >> police confirm they are investigating at least one allegation of assault. a woman tells fox 45 she was robbed and raped inside one of the tents friday night. >> you can go to mercy hospital. they have a full rape kit. what really makes me mad is this is supposed to be a good organization. it isn't. it's a crock. >> a 14-year-old girl assaulted
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at the occupy dallas camp site. the suspect a registered sex offender. >> i understand drug addiction. i had a problem with myself. but at the same time, it's putting all these people in danger. that, the sexual assault going on. we're trying to deal with that i have seen -- mostly drunk guys going and groping girls. >> a town out here has changed. we have been threatened. they were telling us if we tried to take our cameras into the plaza and into the camp area they would take our cameras and break them. >> bill: the situation here in new york city is just as bad. with us now former new york city detective and fox news contributor bo dietl. what do you hear from the nypd about this. >> what i learned is we had conversations yesterday and there is a lot of people rikers island getting out and the world on rikers island is you go down to this area down there and there is a a party going on and a lot of criminal elements coming in there now. you have the homeless element coming in there. when i went down there with geraldo, i asked five different people, why are you here? everyone had a different idea
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why they were there. with that said, what's happening down there, it's like kind of been happening where they are able to do anything. they have a code of conduct down there, bill, you are not to report to the police if something gets stolen. not to report to the police if you are groped. being dictated by the alleged leaders. what's happening down there is chaos what i get afraid about and infiltrating down there is anarchists. they get in these crowds and they stir it up and start throwing bottles at the cops. try to assault the cops and then we are going to have turmoil and that's what they want. that's what's going to happen. >> bill: anarchists is a problem in denver as well. split between the peaceful protesters and people that want violence. rikers island is a city prison here in new york. they let people out every day. >> right. >> bill: a lot of these people don't have anywhere to go and don't have a lot of money. so they whip down to this park in lower manhattan where all these people are. because they know they will get fed, correct? >> right.
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>> bill: they know they can get drugs, i guess. lots of drugs? >> yep. >> bill: they can just, as you said, a party down there for them. >> you know what the unbelievable thing is, bill, can you commit grand larceny and the laws of that little island, little park there are you don't report it to the police otherwise they will get rid of you out of that compound there. in reality it's an unlawful area there and there has got to be a certain point where. >> bill: i assume that nypd has under covers in there you would assume because there could be some serious, you know, silence and stuff going on. you have got it know they have undercovers. >> i would like not to comment on that. >> bill: you don't have to comment on it. but, you know, look, there could be terrorism here. there could be violence against property and people. you have got to have people under there. we assume that's happening. >> the problem is they don't want people to become complainants. >> bill: right. nobody is going to complain against the other. >> no one is going to complain about it. bill, they have to really effectively get in there and stop what's going on. >> bill: they being the cops.
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>> the police. you are having crimes committed there. here is my idea. get the undercovers in there. show a series of crimes. let that be brought and then they have a warrant to take the whole place out. >> bill: also have the runaways going down there. 14, 15 years old want to be part of something that's happening. i did a report on fish. their hair gets all clogged, very long hair and all of that we did an investigation, these are the kind of kids, otherwise, they are against everything. they are against everything society is about. they are against. a lot of these type of kids in there that could become violent at any time. they are just waiting for their confusion to occur. >> bill: why don't the police just say enough and the mayors say enough? you have got to get out of here. have you been here now for more than a month. obviously unsanitary, right? rats all over the place. >> i agree. >> bill: that's it. your time is done. why don't they clear them out? >> they don't want the violence to occur and our police department in new york city. >> bill: these people have intimidated the nypd? >> i said to them down there when i was down there with herald. i said the police are making
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40,000. they have families. they're the same 99% as you. no one had an answer to. the police are not their enemies there. the police are the enemies to the anarchists want to start trouble and tumultuous action down there where there is going to be fires and battles. >> bill: right now a standoff, going to stay there and have all these people swirling around in there until someone gets murdered, right? >> you know what's going to happen, bill? >> bill: someone is going it get murdered. >> that could happen, bill. you yourself we don't want violence in this city. we are trying to control it it's like a hostage situation. hostage situation is to let it go, let it go until you have to go in there. letting them go to letting them go. >> bill: hoping the weather changes and that will drive them out. bo dietl, thanks. update on border agent sent to prison for roughing up a mexican drug smuggler. new offerings an very disturbing story. later, dennis miller on wedding bell dollars as kim kardashian files for divorce. coming right back. we know a place where tossing and turning
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>> bill: factor follow up seeing many tonight, as we told you last night 33-year-old jesus diaz of the border patrol has been sentenced to two years in prison for roughing up a suspected mexican drug smuggler and lying about it. the case is very troubling because the u.s. government made a deal with a 15-year-old mexican suspect. with us now to update the story, fox news legal analyst lis wiehl
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and on the phone from eagle pass, texas, deanna diaz the wife of jesus. she is also a border patrol supervisory agent. ms. diaz, why didn't your husband testify in his own defense at the trial? >> i don't think he testified because he was videotaped giving internal affairs his version of the account. and they played that for the jury. >> bill: but certainly, he could have appealed to the jury in a humane way and said, listen, i'm doing my job here. and i really didn't think i did anything wrong. you know, that personal approach means something. in hindsight, do you think it was a mistake that he didn't take the stand? >> no, i don't think so. i think the evidence was there. if it would have been played out correctly, the evidence would have been allowed to have been shown to the jury. the jury never heard that one of the agents testified in the first trial that he lied to the grand jury. the second jury never heard that. >> bill: do you believe that
5:13 pm
this trial was fair? i mean, why didn't the jury hear that there was a tainted witness in the first one? why didn't they hear that? >> no. i don't believe it was fair at all because the judge obviously, you know, she had her, i guess agenda of what was supposed to happen. the first trial i could honestly tell you was going in the right direction. the agents were testifying like i said one of them even admitted that he lied to the grand jury. the other agent said he was traumatized by the incident. the other was still in shock three years after the fact. so they actually were come up with, you know the truth. >> bill: what happened, jennifer, why did the judge throw the first trial out? >> because one of the jurors took note and that was per her instructions. no one is supposed to take notes. >> bill: the second one and then your husband is convicted. did ice help? you worked for ice. and so does your husband. at least used to. but he hasn't been fired from the border patrol, i understand, right? >> no. he is in indefinite suspension.
5:14 pm
he has been in prison for eight months in solitary confinement. >> bill: for his own protection, right? that's why he is in solitary? >> um-huh. >> bill: has ice in your opinion and you are still working for them, have they been supportive here? do they try to help you guys? >> i can't speak for what they have or haven't done, but i can tell you as his wife nobody has reached out to me as his wife. i have been doing this by myself. just to keep on the outside that i have done, like kerry steeverson. another border patrol agent that happened to him in 2002. >> bill: you are still on the job, correct? >> yes, sir. >> bill: you are trying to get your husband's sentence commuted. is that what you want. >> no i want him pardoned because a commutation would do nothing. he still comes out as a convicted felon. >> bill: only president obama can give him the pardon, correct? >> yes. >> bill: that's what you are aiming for. all right, mrs. diaz, we appreciate it very much. if you have anything else, let us know if anything else happens
5:15 pm
down there in texas. all right, now, let's go to lis wiehl for an update. look, i'm still a little bit confused on this case. you are our legal analyst. was there enough evidence to convict this agent? >> there was. all of these agents came forward. all of the border patrol agents came and testified against mr. diaz. >> bill: how many. >> plus you have the complaining -- six or seven. >> bill: what he did was was handcuffed this 15-year-old. >> right. >> bill: no doubt this guy was smuggling pot. >> 75 pounds. >> bill: he handcuffed the guy behind the back and lifted up the arms. which is painful. >> that's standard procedure in a lot of ways. >> bill: that's what he did. >> what the victim, quote unquote victim alleges that he kicked him in the back and threw him down. >> bill: no bruises or physical evidence to prove that. >> the bruises could have been the defense argued could have been from carrying 75 pounds of marijuana, you don't have to have bruises to prove assault. you are missing the point here. the assault was not the big issue. five counts of lying and
5:16 pm
misleading. >> bill: did he lie? >> it looks like he did. and if disease is right in diaz is right, he lied to internal affairs. >> bill: he lied to the investigators investigating the situation? you believe he did lie. >> it looks like he did, yes. >> bill: what does that mean he looked like he did. >> the victim saying this is what happened. all the other agents took the stand and said this is what happened. >> bill: other agents were eyewitnesses. >> all there at 2:00 had the morning. it's a little bit unclear -- >> bill: testimony of his fellow agents sunk him. >> right. that's why he couldn't really take the stand. you ask ms. diaz why he couldn't take the stand. you are really going to take the stand against all the other guys that were there that night? that's going to look back. especially if he had something else on his rap, on his sheet. >> bill: okay. so you don't think there is any injustice here at this point? >> i don't. >> bill: one other thing real quick. we reported last night on is it legal that the 15-year-old mexican mug ler got a u.s. visa. >> it was a document equivalent to a visa. he got it three times so he
5:17 pm
could cross over three times to testify against this guy. border patrol would mead meet him at the mexican border and bring him across. not running around. the prosecution told me he is back in mexico. >> bill: out of here and not coming back. >> he was not prosecuted for crime. that's what i don't understand. i don't understand why they gave him immunity because here is another scenario they could have done. they could have charged the guy. >> bill: convicted him. >> put him in jail and brought him back to testify. >> bill: didn't need him if they had these other corroborating witnesses. >> always helps to have the victim. >> bill: skates on 7 a pounds. >> that doesn't make sense. >> bill: it doesn't. lis wiehl, everybody. dick morris on the republic landscape in light of the herman cain story. trip to france and the kardashian divorce. upcoming. is...competency. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle...and go. you can even take a full-size or above,
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>> bill: impact segment tonight with herman cain now on the defense and republic rivals for the presidential nomination are repositioning themselves. >> this is the year when we can't have any surprises with our candidates. we have to have a candidate that we can know when we put them into office we can trust them with their record of what they have done and who they are. >> bill: here now to analyze republic field as it stands dick morris. we have some late breaking news, herman cain told forbes magazine, i guess, in an interview that a guy working for rick perry by the name of kurt anderson is leaking this stuff about cain. we don't want to get into any of this. we don't know what happened. mr. anderson, i guess, denies it. of course he would. but the whole thing is a mess, right? >> the story was that anderson worked for cain when he ran for the senate six years ago. >> bill: unsuccessfully. >> yeah. >> bill: right. >> cain briefed him on the
5:22 pm
charge, the sexual harassment charge, said it was baseless. and then anderson was hired by perry a week before politico got the story and anderson regularly contributes to politico. so it's a circumstantial case but it's an interesting one. >> bill: all right. but it's a mess. >> yeah. it's a mess and nobody wins in this kind of stuff. as far as anybody directly involved. anderson or cain. now, you just heard michele bachmann. >> look, bill, i have been around a long time. and this is speed bump, pothole that happens in every campaign. george bush sr. was accused of having an affair. george bush 43 had a drunk driving thing that came out right before the election. bill clinton had flowers and he had the draft. kerry had exaggerating about his war record. mccain was linked to having an affair with a lobbyist. it happens. obama had ayers and wright.
5:23 pm
it happens. it blows up. it dominates the news cycle for three or four days, maybe a week or two weeks. and the one thing that the clintons taught me is time is the way to fight this stuff. >> bill: right. string it out and people get tired of it. >> and it goes away. >> bill: i think that's probably what will happen here. >> in this situation i think that cain, unless there is some horrific new evidence, even if there are other people, i think that cain can survive. this and i think that it may have an ancillary effect of causing some republics to rally around him. he had his best two days of campaign contributions. >> bill: look, this is what i said last night and tell me if i am wrong. the people supporting herman cain are furious and they are going to help him because they think he is getting jobbed. that's where this money came from. how about the undecided people still floating around evaluating all the republic people. you never know where they are going to come down, right? it's a big uncertain thing. >> you don't have that many of those. you have.
5:24 pm
>> bill: but they are flopping between newt gingrich and herman cain and rick perry and michele bachmann. >> i think that -- i can tell you a story. in 1992 bill clinton called me in from when he was in new hampshire. i was in paris. he said i'm getting hit with the draft and getting hit with jennifer flowers at the same time. what do i do? i said the draft will kill you. jennifer flowers won't. never lose the election because of jennifer flowers. so answer the flowers charge. go on 60 minutes with hillary and make a bill deal of that everyone will forget about the draft. it's exactly what happened. cain will not be voted out -- dumped from this race by the sexual harassment charge, unless there is a smoking gun. it's just too vegas. it's too anonymous. it's too this. it's too that. what it may do is eclipse other stuff that people may bring up that may create a presumption of innocence on some of the other stuff. it may give republic voters a sense that this guy's candidacy can recover.
5:25 pm
remember clinton was called the come back kid after he survived jennifer flowers. people looking to see does cain have the strength to make it straight. >> bill: before this story gets any larger, again, it's herman cain saying that this guy kurt anderson currently working for governor perry is the source of the leak. you know the left wing press is going to rupp with that all day long. they are going to go wild with that story. >> that's okay. if cain is on the defensive. the key to surviving. >> bill: what about perry now. >> it can hurt him badly. the keep to this deal is that you have to survive it. you have to wait until the news cycle ends and moves on. and it will move on. what bill clinton and hillary clinton taught me is time. wait. play it with a three dimension of time. don't try to win it on monday or tuesday, or wednesday. let it go on. let it peter out. let something else take over. still be standing. still be pushing your affirmative agenda. still be pushing the 9-9-9 that got you here.
5:26 pm
>> bill: he has an opportunity to do that in the debate next week. morris has a kids book now. frightening. dubbs is the dog. what is dubbs doing? >> dubbs is a cute golden retriever and my wife and i and our friend clayton liota, talented ill straighter couldn't find a book for kids that talks about american history or american values or patriotism. so dubbs goes to washington. there he is as an fbi agent. is he looking for his ball. so in this one he says the g men of the fbi catch bad guys by land, sea, and sky. and when someone is missing, they give their all. do you think these guys can help me find my ball? >> bill: you are trying to introduce little kids. this isn't for teenagers. >> 4 to 8. >> bill: i was deeply engrossed in dubs. emotionally involved very quickly. >> take him to the lincoln memorial. >> bill: you take him a cartoon character. >> the ball is hidden in the picture all the time and you have to find it. >> bill: have to find it. do you win a prize? >> you get the book.
5:27 pm
>> bill: you get the book. >> and then when dubs is in the lincoln memorial, he said if man from chains is meant to be free, get this silly leash off of me. dubs has fun. >> bill: dubs has fun. all right, morris. >> available on dick >> bill: of course it is. >> of which i am the purveyor. >> bill: next time bring dubs in. some people are getting down right fed up with atheist demeaning believers. deepak chopra, one of those annoyed. then dennis miller on president obama going to france for noted yet another economic summit and the economics of the kardashian divorce. some big money in play. hope you stay tuned to those reports. do you have an irregular heartbeat called atrial fibrillation, or afib, that's not caused by a heart valve problem? are you taking warfarin to reduce your risk of stroke caused by a clot? you should know about pradaxa. an important study showed that pradaxa 150mg reduced stroke risk 35% more than warfarin.
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>> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight, tension between those who believe in god and those who do not. recently with books by atheist richard dawkins and others, that tension has reached a flash point. >> you are trying to get to the kids and say, you are an idiot
5:31 pm
if you believe in god. >> nothing to do with god. i'm talking about myths from all over the world. judeo-christian myth is thrown in occasionally as one of many myths that come from around the world. >> >> bill: judeo-christian isn't a myth this country is based on it? >> that's not true. >> bill: yes it is. here now dr. deepak chopra author of the new book war of the world views science vs. spirituality. i had dawkins on twice. you never talked to him face-to-face. >> yes. he ambushed me when i was. said we wanted to do an interview. i went to the interview and it was him. >> bill: you kicked his butt. i kicked his butt each time. >> three hours i kicked his butt. he took three minutes out of that and put it on a movie called enemies of reason. he ambushed some other -- >> bill: i think dawkins is a
5:32 pm
dishonest guy. >> he, by the way, using scientific credentials to camouflage his bigotry. >> bill: but i don't know if it's bigotry. he really believes we are idiots, doctor. he does. he thinks he is a genius. he thinks you and me and the rest of the believers are idiots. that's what he believes. >> did you see debate with francis collins, the head of the gman project, one of the most prominent scientist in the world practicing christian. dr. collins told him you do not question my scientific credentials. i have better scientific credentials than you have. >> bill: i told him that, too. there were more brilliant men than he who believed in the deity. and he basically says that the united states isn't founded on judeo-christian philosophy. that's just absurd. i mean, our justice system is based on the 10 commandments. in fact, what hangs in the supreme court? the 10 commandments. they haven't gotten rid of them
5:33 pm
yet. they are there. >> in your book lincoln you mentioned was a believer. >> bill: absolutely lincoln read the bible every day. >> never get through with dawkins. more emotion with them. >> unscientific by the way. >> bill: they get really upset. >> to attack somebody you don't believe in with such vigor and enthusiasm and passion and anger. >> bill: i'm not angry that dawkins doesn't believe. i don't care what he says but he gets really teed off. what has convinced you that there is a deity? and do you believe in an active god? a god that actually interconvenience in human life? >> i also have scientific background and the more we understand the nature of the universe through science, the more we also understand there is more unknown and there is the unknowable. the unknowable because scientific discoveries show that the laws of physics themselves preclude us from intellectually
5:34 pm
getting in touch with the source. you have to go beyond the intellect. you have to listen to the heart. the heart has reasons that reasons doesn't know. you have to in a sense understand the great, the great prophet, jesus, whoever, they transcended to a level where they were in touch with the -- of course they use the language of the time. i am the father of one. >> bill: that's a matter of faith though. but do you believe that there is an active deity that interconvenience in human nature. >> source omni present, omniscient. we have connection to that. >> bill: do you believe in miracles. >> we have free will too. the fact that we live, that we exist is a miracle. why do we even have to go beyond that? >> bill: because the meteorite hit the world and the meteorite
5:35 pm
did this and then evolution. you know. but, look, the fact comes down to. >> evolution doesn't contradict the fact. >> bill: that's what i say. intelligent design does not contradict science. science has never been able to manufacture one single human cell, have they. >> no. >> bill: after all this advancement. >> most primitive form of intelligence has not been created. and whatever has been created comes from intelligence that is connected to the source of intelligence. >> bill: i hope you are right. i hope you are right that there is a deity and there is a just god. >> my collaborative steven hawkins says science does not conclude and cannot conclude that god is an allusion. does not know why there are laws of nature. >> bill: that's absolutely true they do not know. >> does not know why there are laws of nature and why the universe conforms to it. >> bill: world of world -- war of the world views. kim kardashian wedding deal.
5:36 pm
this is pretty scary. miller is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ walk, little walk ♪ small talk, big thoughts ♪ gonna tell them a just what i want ♪ ♪ i said don't stop, don't stop ♪ ♪ don't stop talking to me [ ma announcer ] the most legroom per dollar of any car in america. the all-new nissan versa sedan. from $10,990.
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innovation upsized. innovation for all. ♪
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>> thanks for staying with us. president obama in the air heading to can france for another economic summit. following the situation very closely the sage of southern california dennis miller joins us from los angeles. are you a believer? do you believe in god, miller? >> billy, i believe that someone created darwin. i don't know what that makes me. i don't know what sort of metal work i'm supposed to put in the rear. i hit my knees and humble myself and thank god for all my gifts. i'm a believer. >> bill: you were a catholic kid in pittsburgh? >> yeah. last time i went to confession i said you first. things have gotten a little
5:40 pm
rickety over there. >> bill: you can't hold the theology responsible for the people in it i always say that. >> obviously not, billy. not quibbling with the book just the current cast sometimes. >> bill: in our first bolder fresher show i actually brought a priest into the dressing room to conduct an exorcism on dennis. [ laughter ] >> it was a real head turner for me, billy. >> bill: is he a good guy, right? >> he was a sweet guy. you just meet some guys who are with god and they got that look about them and that resonance and you know there is something there. >> bill: i think so, too. can france, have you ever been there? >> wait a second, billy, darn. i have got some blind dog named dubs here humping my leg looking for a ball. [ laughter ] morris is unbelievable. >> bill: he is out of control. >> can you get me a schedule when he he is selling his blood for money this week? [ laughter ] >> dick morris and children's books. sherry lewis is turning over in
5:41 pm
the grave. all right? lamb chop just turned herself in and morris is now with the kids in the book. >> i'm going to see him in cirque du soleil next in a unitard. come on, dick. >> bill: can, france, have you ever been there, miller. [ laughter ] >> we're having trouble getting out of the box tonight. listen, i have never been to can but i think what's happening here is netanyahu wants to have the big 20 together if he has to do iran this weekend. that would be the fantasy. i think they are actually going over to discuss this one of the main topics in the article i read is this financial transactions tact. and i find it interesting that barack obama plays lip service to the occupy wall street crowd after the snow storm this weekend. chap lip service. but i guarantee you he is going to vote against that tax. because he is in the bag for wall street as much as anybody. and, by the way. can i ask you a question as a new yorker?
5:42 pm
how in the hell can these kids set up a semi permanent city within a city in the park and, yet, when i go to jfk, after the gig we did over the weekend, i have to shoulder roll out of my limousine because i'm not allowed to stop at the cart for a nano second before 12 cops air drop in with tasers in a ring of death. how are these kids allowed to just live in new york now? >> bill: it one of these things and one of these rare things because the nypd are a pretty tough outfit. they have intimidated everybody. they are afraid to go in and say, look, we have had enough of this. have you been there for three months or whatever you have been there, have you got to get out of here because the rats are now getting bigger than the tents. you know. come on. so i just think it's about time that mayor bloomberg did something about it. >> really paying serious. somebody on this show in the last two weeks said the most pertinent thing, if they were really paying attention these people would be marching on the white house. i guarantee you obama is going
5:43 pm
over to g 7 to vote against that financial transaction tax. when did it go from g 7 to g-20? who in the hell is 20? lego land. go to g-64 like the march madness and the ncaa. >> ball in there and give these people a break. >> this is a big party. this is a big -- can. yea. here we are. >> where is she lives around here. >> the greek army is here. they are in the with a helmet and clogging. let's let them in. >> bill: i know. business is good in can. now, "the view" wants to host the g.o.p. debate. "the view" ladies want to do that. and you say? >> well, listen, i don't hold these debates that sacred that i would rule that out of hand. listen, you billy play an odd part in this. this is why barbara walters freaked that day on the brand.
5:44 pm
when they walked off on you, they advocate any sort of claim to having a debate. not a serious thing. a little worldwide wrestling that day them walking off. and at that point i don't think they can ask for a debate anymore. you know barbara walters is the savviest chick. i was wondering why is she so freaked out. advocation of their brand and legitimacy that day. it's a tv show, great tv show. they have fun talk together. they can't ask for a debate anymore after that debacle. >> bill: won't get one either. it's a great thought for them. >> these debates are freak shows anyway. what we need is a 12 angry men debate. >> bill: next is going to be ncis the debate. >> give one to the kardashians. let the kardashians host the debate. >> bill: thank you. there you go. thank you for the segway. married for what 15 minutes and cashed the check that she got from all the entertainment people and now she doesn't like the guy anymore, right? >> last night after her brother rob kardashian had such a great thing on "dancing with the
5:45 pm
stars" he said everyone in the kardashian family is supportive of kim's decision to divorce the kid chris humphreys of the new jersey mets. if you want to find out more about it watch this thursday new premier of the show. everyone in kardashian family is supportive of the decision to divorce chris hum affordable industries of the nets. they have been plunked down perfect time in history where they know we are an off the rack culture that likes to ogle the train wreck. in this case that train has the biggest caboose of all time. >> bill: i don't know what that means. dennis miller, everybody. >> all right, billy. >> bill: we would like to remind everyone in the virginia, north carolina area that miller and i will be at the landmark theater in richmond, friday, november 2 at&t. going to be a great show. classic venue. let's have a great thanksgiving weekend fun time. check it out on bill o' or bolder did you see that on deck. fox news reporting hassled by
5:46 pm
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, did you see that? and we begin be with a very interesting situation concerning the occupiers. the fox affiliate here in new york city, channel 5. some reporter john huddy, juliet's brother down to the wall street protests. things got nasty in a hurry. >> trying to stab me in the throat with a pen. you want to stab me in the throat? what did you say? >> no i don't want to stab you in the throat. >> you are trying to stab me in the throat with a pen. >> here. >> okay? >> can i. >> can i tell you where my dad is? can i tell you where my dad is. >> is this how you guys police this? this guy threatens to stab me in the throat with a pen? [bleep] >> put your hands on me. >> he is making no sense right now. has ripped this off the mike.
5:50 pm
he ripped this off as well and he just threatened to stab me in the throat with a pen. okay? is this how you guys treat people who come in here? is this how you treat the media? >> bill: yes. that's how they treat the media in for juliet huddy this evening. fox business anchor bow deettle at the top of the program i think there is going to be a murder. i really do. deettle is right. getting a lot of hard core thugs down there right dope, girls, all of that they are drifting in. and these people, there is no leadership. there is no anything. i really think it's an explosive situation. >> it's very dangerous. and these groups, this group if they want to send the right message, they are going to have to self-police. we should point out this guy's name is dustin taylor. john huddy had encountered him in recent days before this incident. he was arrested. he was charged with grand larceny. menacing, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment. he has not been arraigned yet, according to law enforcement sources but he was taken to
5:51 pm
belleview hospital. he is hiding his face. isn't that interesting? >> bill: does this guy have a rap sheet? >> i don't know anything more about his background. >> bill: when somebody goes to bellview, that means they're unstable. they want to observe them to see if the guy is dangerous and that's what happens when they are sent there. all right, i'm just -- i think the nypd has got to up their security down there. >> mayor bloomberg is clearly concerned about the impact. >> bill: yeah. clearly concerned, day began? >> on businesses. >> bill: let's take a stand here clearly concerned. >> that's frightening if it's going to take something as violent as what you talked about to do something about that. >> jon huntsman not registering at all now in the fox news poll. he gets zero percent. really not doing very well. he sent his daughters out to comment on the herman cain smoking situation. roll the tape. >> we strongly believe that our dad has the experience and proven track record to revive america's economy and create jobs. we need you to get involved to make sure our next president is
5:52 pm
based on substance, not sound bites. ♪ i am america ♪ one voice ♪ united we stand >> bill: so the mustaches were because of cain's campaign manager? >> because of mark block and they are not smoking a cigarette and they are blowing bubbles. it's cute. is it going to do anything for jon huntsman's campaign? no. absolutely not. here is the problem. this ad. this is the original herman cain ad. this is the spoof by the huntsman daughter. the original ad was mark block. looks like a spoof. it's so bizarre. and so creepy and weird that it's hard to spoof something. >> where was muntsman's ad on his web site. >> on the internet. and they tweeted about it the three daughters have been very active on twitter. >> bill: they were on "fox & friends." they are very articulate. >> they are. they have gone after mitt romney a little bit on twitter. >> bill: but i mean, look, if jon huntsman -- you don't send your daughters out. i mean, you know.
5:53 pm
>> may i go out on a limb? i think they are angling for media exposure for themselves. after the campaign. i think they are trying to make careers. >> bill: kardashian show with huntsman? >> reality show. i'm just saying. >> bill: a the lo of possibilities there. dagen mcdowell everyone, pinheads and patriots in a moment. starring condoleezza rice and qaddafi. right back with p and p. man 1: send, that is the weekend. app grapgic: yeah dawg! man 2: allow me to crack...the bubbly! man 1: don't mind if i doozy. man 3: is a gentleman with a brostache invited over to this party? man 1: only if he's ready to rock! ♪ sfx: guitar and trumpet jam vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. diabetes testing? it's all the same. nothing changes. then try this.
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pinheads and patriots, with condoleezza rice and qaddafi, when he was alive in just a moment. we have a brand-new slogan -- restore the u.s.a. if you spend $25 or more on bill o', we will send you a restore the u.s.a. a bumper sticker, it's a great item, absolutely free. you get the sticker and a free copy of "killing lincoln." we have to restore this country to prosperity. all the money i get is donated to charity. now to the mail... >> i appreciate that. >> herman would be an improvement on president obama.
5:57 pm
>> well, you're welcome, john.
5:58 pm
>> excellent. your wife's a trooper, mark. i'm sending you the audio for your ordeal. "killing lincoln" is selling out everywhere. but we are printing them as fast as we can get them out to you. more than 900,000 copies in print right now, thank you, all. >> with a warning to slow down, i hope, ryan. thank abe for that, not me. rice has a new book out, should be here on monday. last night, she spoke with jon stewart. >> muammar al-qaddafi -- were you aware that he had a strange and, shall i say, creepy fixation on secretary of state condoleezza rice? did you know that. >> i was aware. several of my foreign minister colleague his told me before i went to visit him, back in 2008, that he had this fixation. when i got there, i thought, just get through your business.
5:59 pm
you know? just do the diplomacy and get out of here. everything was going fine. and all of a sudden, he said, i have this video for you. i thought... uh-oh, what is this? but it was actually just pictures of me with vladimir putin, set to a song he had written, called black flower in the white house. >> ooh. good story. dr. rice remains a patriot. look forward to seeing her on monday night. check out the web site. also, we would like you to spout off about the factor anywhere in the world. word of the day, do not be a visigoing on -- visigoth when writing to the factor. very interesting history attached to that


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